January 15, 2010

A Scrap Quilt

This is my first scrap quilt, and I've been working on it for the past week or so. I really like how the colors look together, and can't wait to finish it! I love scrap quilts!
  • The pieces are all squares, so no tricky diamonds or triangles to cut
  • Most of the scraps have memories attached to them (Grandma's shirts, one of Mama's dresses from when she was in grade school, etc.)
  • Even though they don't "match," they do!

Though I didn't plan it, most of the fabrics have flowers. Now to decide on a border color... I am thinking cream, but open to suggestions!


  1. Woo hooo! Kara got a blog! Ok, so I guess I could stay in touch through facebook...but a blog is more fun I think. :-) Lovely quilt! I love the interesting fabrics in scrap quilts, so many stories, like you said.
    Cream would be a good border, but it would make it a summer quilt, if you know what I mean. Whatever color you choose will make the little spots of that color in the quilt "pop" more.

  2. Hi Joanna! Yes, I like blogs. :)
    Thank you! Hmmm, I think you're probably right about the cream. My bedroom is a robin's egg blue, so I wouldn't mind a summer quilt too much, but now I'll look at some other colors too.