January 26, 2010

Snow Day

Today was a snow day! Due to very icy roads , the cottage school at which Chrissy and I take science classes was canceled for the day. This was nice, since I have a cold and didn't feel like going to school. So instead of taking anatomy and teaching art, I spent most of the morning on my bed, reading and looking online at vintage patterns. Oh dear. I guess I'll have to be extra productive tomorrow.

This afternoon I worked a bit on the scrap quilt - I'm basting the front, batting, and backing together, then I'll quilt it. I decided to stay with cream for the border and back, and like Joanna commented, it is a summer quilt, but I'll use it all year long because it makes me happy!

And look at this, there are TWO people commenting on the blog! Wow! Thanks Joanna and Rachel!


  1. Yay! You make me feel a little better. I lazed around the house all yesterday instead of taking Latin and orchestra and teaching writing. ;) I didn't do any of my other work either, except some reading in the afternoon. Today I should have gotten up with the chickens to catch up, but I slept until 7:30. Oh, and thank you for your comment on mine! You will have to come over sometime and I will tell you the joke.

  2. I guess I could post some...but they're really not that great...

    I wasn't aware that you were looking for more readers (duh!), I'll introduce you to all my "friends" :-)

  3. Rachel, you're so funny! "should have gotten up with the chickens"

    Joanna, you really should post some! I saw your painting... and your photos.... please post some!

  4. I feel as though I should introduce you two - Rachel, Joanna. Joanna, Rachel.

    Our family knew Joanna's family back in Minot (then they moved to IL) - we had fun!I think we created havoc together sometimes, too (like the parachuted puppets that we decided needed to jump in your rain barrels). We even got locked in a barn together. Remember that? Joanna's really nice. :)

    Rachel and I met the first year we moved here, at art class, but I don't think we saw each other again until three years ago at a library event. We get along pretty well, and do a lot of things together at the library (and away from it, too, like cow heart dissections!). She's not as stoic as the library, dissections, and art class sound. She's pretty funny. :)

    Now, it's official. You've been introduced. :)

    If you feel I have described you inaccurately, please feel free to correct me. :)