February 6, 2010

A Quiet Day

Not much excitement happening in my corner of the world today. We saw Mom off early this morning (already missing her). I finished sewing my quilt this afternoon, so now it's time to bind the edges. I decided to put together a bias binding from the remaining scraps, which is very colorful and looks more homemade and whimsical than plain binding, I my opinion. I like it!

I watched kids this evening (Chrissy and I regularly babysit for a wonderful family with three boys), which was fun. After the boys were in bed, I folded laundry and read about how not to get injured while running (yes, I'm just starting again, but hey, I might as know how to stay safe!). And they had extremely fragrant pink lilies! I liked those, too.

On a future note, tomorrow night's football game may be turned off mid-way at our house in order to watch the last installment of the Masterpiece Theater version of Emma. It's wonderful!

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