March 18, 2010


For the past couple of weeks, David has been visiting "the creek." By himself, with friends, with neighbors. I just assumed it was the small, usually dried up creek that we pass whenever we go on walks. Well, he convinced Chrissy and I to go with him (we've all been sick around here, so the trip was a bit delayed).

It was not the small creek.

How have I lived here for five and a half years and missed this? It was a gorgeous, genuine stream, complete with crayfish and minnows. The banks of the creek were layers of dark slate that crackled under our feet. We saw cardinals and heard blue jays, and David had his hands either in the creek or on the binoculars most of the time. And the fresh air. Mmm. Don't you just love spring?

P.S. Can you tell who got her camera back from Canon today?

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