March 20, 2010

The Day's Observances

Today held many interesting opportunities for observing people and animals:
  • A group of teenage boys sauntering through the woods near the highway with their paint-ball guns, about to engage in one of the most painful sports known to mankind, second only to skydiving with a faulty parachute.
  • A woman at a small sewing shop whose husband was the great-great grandson of General J.E.B. Stuart! Now I've met relatives of two Civil War Confederate Generals (the other was Gen. T. J. Jackson!). While I would not classify myself as a Confederate, I greatly admire some of their leaders.
  • Two Bulgarian ladies working at an Indian restaurant.
  • A littler neighbor girl playing with another neighbor's dog. It was running in circles in front of her, and they both were as happy as could be!
  • A dog looking out of the window of a car - the air conditioner was on so high that the dog's breath was fogging up the window. Really, it was maybe 75 degrees out.
  • A partly albino Canada Goose! Its wings were white, but it had a normal head. So odd...

What did you see?

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