March 27, 2010

An Old Farm

Mama used to tell us about how she used to go with her mom to explore abandoned farms. Today, Mama, Chrissy and I got to do just that! We'd stopped at this farm before, back when it was in slightly better shape, to take photographs for an art class, but only really noticed the blue shed and hydrangeas in front of it. Not so today.

Joy! At first we were thrilled by the real wishing well. Ha! We didn't know what we were in for.

Inside the light blue shed (which used to be a fruit stand, by the looks of it), there were weathered grocer's permits, bushel baskets, and shelves. A staircase painted blue, yellow, green and red led up to a forgotten loft. There was a white chanel bedspread in excellent condition, an old, avacado train case, a disheveled Santa Suit, and many old theater-type props (including a cardboard wishing well). So fun! We found an old iron in the barn - I was amazed by how heavy it was.

Some one had way too much fun papering this house. If you think these ladies are crazy, you should have seen the kitchen! How many horrifically busy, clashing prints can you plaster on one wall without being arrested? Several, apparently.

This caught my eye. I love its Scandinavian look. It's so neat to think about who used to live in this old house, what they encountered, and where they may be now. Hmm.

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