March 13, 2010


Well, I've been sewing little things the last couple of days. A spring bunting (sounds like some rare bird) and a little girl's top (both for the shop). I altered a shirt for myself, and now I'm running out of ideas. I like to have a big project going, because for some reason small sewing ideas come to me then. Maybe I'll get inspiration once I start that dress. On a new machine!

Our current sewing machine is about thirty years old. It's a finicky and fragile machine, much like a spoiled child. You can hear it chewing up threads as it sews through them, and unless you have a lot of patience and good muscle tone in your foot, it will either inch along slowly or fly off at breakneck speed. Neither of these speeds are very helpful when you are sewing. The machine will come un-threaded without a moment's notice, and makes you quit sewing until it is willing to cooperate. Mama's been saving up for a new machine for almost a year, so today we're going to visit a sewing machine shop and check out their selection. She has a very specific list of features that she wants written down, so it should go quickly. I'm so excited!

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  1. I absolutely love your descriptions here! "Spoiled child" machine, "chewing up threads," part about having to have good muscle tone in your foot... such pleasant humor in them.

    Must be frustrating to sew with, though -- I hope today's search went well!