April 27, 2010

A 1950's Dress

I used Marian Martin pattern 9295.  It was very roomy, so I think I ended up taking in about 3 inches from the front and back, and it's still really loose!

Sadly, the details do not show up very well (and yes, my posture is usually a lot worse than that).  Silly quilting fabric with it's small print.  Actually, silly me for using quilting fabric for a dress...

I really like the little square buttons. 

I think I'm going to make this dress again, in a fabric I like!  I did get up the nerves to wear it to the cottage school today.  I got a lot of strange looks - it was really pretty funny! 


  1. Good for you, Kara! That's awesome!

    And never mind the strange looks; you're the crazy art teacher, remember? :) And the kid who goes with her weird friend on a college visit weekend and in return takes said friend to a heart dissection party. Yeahhhh. I also heard that in their spare time, these folks plan origami workshops for the library. ;)

    But I like it this way. I need a pretty dress like that, too -- AS IF I could ever sew such a thing. Haha, the "skirt" is still as it was the last time you saw it. You, on the other hand, possess quite mad, mad sewing skillz. ;)

  2. Lovely! That is such a neat pattern. Even if it is in quilter's weight cotton! I'm sure it isn't really that bad.

    ONLY to the school?!!! How about the grocery store, office max, music lessons, co-op.... Just kidding! I'm starting a rather complicated formal that has to be done in one week *bites nails*, so if you could pray for me as only a fellow seamstress can...boy would I appreciate it!