September 21, 2010

Information Please

There are entire shelves in the library dedicated to the New Deal.  Everyone wants to write peer-reviewed articles about the Smoot-Hawley Tariff for scholarly journals.  You'd think that writing a book on the Great Depression was a pre-requisite to becoming an author, scientist, or politician.

But what if I want to know about now?

There are so few articles available about the current government system, I'm really not sure where to turn.  Perhaps it really does take several years to publish a peer-review article for a scholarly journal, but that would lead me to assume that we now have information on the 2008 bail-outs and sudden decline of the stock market, which we don't.

Any ideas?  I'm not supposed to use popular news sources such as CNN, Fox or Reuters, but I think I might have to ask for an exception.  If I don't obtain either permission or find other options, this paper's got some changes coming.  Significant changes, which may be very good but will also be a little discouraging.

I think I'll be visiting the librarian tomorrow, and searching through government web pages. I'll keep you posted, because you live for this sort of information.  Right?


I'll keep you posted anyway.


  1. The Weekly Standard would probably be good to look in.

  2. So what'd you find out? I HAVE to know!


    Are you allowed to use databases? Or you are and they just aren't helping...

  3. The Weekly Standard - thanks! I'll definitely check there.

    Well, I found out that, so far, the two events appear very similar in their causes, the administrations they were under, and the government's involvement.

    Yep, I'm allowed - they just weren't helping. I tried very odd keywords, and it started to work though, which is good. :)