October 6, 2010


Tomorrow, this jar will become a terrarium.  It is part of school, really!  We are making terrariums in botany class, in between stages of a lengthy lab.  

I found the jar at the antique mall.  Once upon a time it was used to water chickens - you can see the "water level" marks near the top. Hmm... an antique glass container, with a chippy black lid, once used on a local farm to water chickens, and would make a perfect little terrarium.  Yup, I'll take it!

EDIT:  Further research leads me to believe that the person at the antique store did not quite know the real use of this jar.  It did come from a local farm, but it's a humidifier jar, not a chicken-waterer.  Definitely less interesting, but still, a good terrarium.   And glass.  And a container with a chippy lid!

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