November 30, 2010

A Long List and a Revision

Over the past couple of months, I've been building up projects and ideas and planning to finish (and actually, for many, start) them over Christmas break.  I finally wrote up a list the other day so I could see what I'll be working on.  Here's what I came up with:

  • Three paintings (one almost done)
  • Two quilts (one mostly done, the other... not so much)
  • One dress 
  • One hat (half-way done)
  • Two pair of mittens (A Norwegian honey-comb design, one pair in wool, one in something less itchy)
  • Six dish towels (it's a set)
  • One linoleum block design (for cards)
Hah!  In order to finish all those in the time I'll have, I'd have to be an extra industrious member of the Swiss Family Robinson!  They always seemed to finish large numbers of tasks in impossibly short periods of time, don't you think?  

What shouldn't I do?  I really want to do them all.  Sigh

Forget one of the paintings. The other two are promised to people. As is the almost-finished quilt. The mittens aren't necessary.  The dress is almost.  The block print won't take too long.  Adieu! to the dishtowels - they can wait.  The hat is almost done.  

So, new list:
  • Two paintings (one is almost done)
  • Finishing one quilt (probably two hours worth of work left)
  • One dress
  • One linoleum block (also almost done)
  • Finishing one hat 
Maybe a non-itchy pair of mittens.  Maybe.  That list doesn't look as bad - I cut out ten items! I guess I can do more if I have time.


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