December 18, 2010

'Tis the Sixth Day of Christmas

"For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God." Romans 3:23

     We're at the halfway point in these twelve days of Christmas.  I wish it would go slower - more singing, more outings, more time to really think about Christmas and Christ's incarnation.  About how he, very God! humbled himself to the point of coming in the form of a human, something he had created, to save humans who did not want him, mocked him, rebelled against him, yet desperately needed him.  That is Christmas.
     Yesterday we went to the candy store.  It's a small, very old fashioned place, where they make almost all of their own candies (not the jelly beans), and live in the apartment above.  Going to this candy store is a Christmas tradition for many people in our area.  If you ever visit, I'll take you there!  

     One of the lures of this particular store is their sugar plums.  The are thin, oddly shaped rounds, purple, sugar coated, resembling flattened grape gum drops.  Infinitely better!  We looked up a recipe for them online, and found that sugar plums are actually balls made of chopped dried fruit, nuts, and spices! 

     Perhaps you like real sugar plums.  I have not tried them, and do not plan to make them anytime soon, partly because I've had more than my share of sugar this past week.  However, don't let my hesitation stop you.  Should you decide that you would like to make sugar plums and be very Night-Before-Christmas-y, here is a recipe!

Please let me know how you like them.  Pretty please, with a sugar plum on top!

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