January 23, 2011

Hearts in a Window

     Valentine's Day is such a happy holiday!  Flower Patch Farmgirl has a tutorial for making these pretty transparent hearts, and even though Valentine's Day is several weeks away, I made them a couple days ago.  They really brighten up our kitchen, and make it look so festive.
     Basically, you shave crayons with a pencil sharpener, take the shavings and iron them between two sheets of wax paper, then cut out hearts, punch a hole in them, and hang them up!
     If you want yours to looks like hers and be different colors, make separate batches of each colors (so you have red, orange, pink and purple sheets of melted crayons and wax paper).  I put all my colors on one sheet of wax paper, and even though they were in different groups they all blended into one bright mix.

1 comment:

  1. We used to do this all the time! We would beg my mom to buy wax paper. :-) I should do this with Emmy for valentines.