February 28, 2011

Some Changes

     As you can see, The Yellow Warbler's layout is a little different now than it used to be.  It's wider.  The header is not centered.  I'd like to change the header in the next few days (read: weeks) to make it fit the right way.  The reason for the change in width is that I would like to post larger photos.

     You may see the layout change many times over the next few days, because sometimes I take a while to make a decision.  You may see multiple headers, text colors, and the like.  The background will almost definitely stay white.  I like white.


  1. I like it. :-) I like pictures too, which is probably why. ;-) Sorry I've been absent. Life happens. :-(

  2. I don't see a new header yet... hehe! ;) That's okay, I haven't blogged for a while, either.

  3. It does indeed. I've been absent too. :)