May 5, 2011

An Update

It's about time, after all.

I like Joanna's ideas for changing the blog header.  Once I have access to photoshop again (i.e. once Chrissy brings her computer back from the speech and debate tournament), I will continue the editing.  The orchid did re-bloom!  

School is over until July!  I must say, my first year of college went by very quickly.  Overall, I enjoyed it much more than I expected to, and have had so many useful experiences.  Even if the classes won't all prepare me for "real life" (though most of them will), I've had many opportunities to interact with people - Christians and Atheists and everything in between - and these experiences are preparing me for real life, for sharing the Gospel with those around me.  It's really crazy what some people believe and why, but most of them have reasons, and it's good to understand those reasons, in order to address them.

As I type, there are cakes baking in the oven.  These cakes are most likely going to be failures.  The recipe said they were supposed to bake for 38 minutes, but are nearing 50, and still aren't done.  That's what I get for messing with a recipe (substituted coconut oil for shortening - it worked when Beth did it).   Ah, well, there's always Betty Crocker.  

After experiencing what seems like Brazil's rainy season (just colder) for a few weeks, I'm happy to say that the sun is shining today and Summer may have just arrived.  Please ignore the stormy forecast for the next three days.

Excuse me, that sounds like the timer...

After 55 minutes, the cakes are done!  They're still rather dense, but they'll taste good with strawberries and whipped cream.  Everything tastes good with strawberries and whipped cream, right?

More to come. 

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