November 8, 2012

A November Day At Another School


      Chrissy and I went to Another School's library yesterday to check out some books on Bach (Beth needs them - I don't read about Bach on a regular basis).  There were shelves of books on that composer alone!  I finally just grabbed six that sounded good.  Then we stuck around and split a calzone outdoors - because it's beautiful out there.

      This school has a special place in my heart.   My parents both took classes there, and I took a class there last semester.  From when I was 12 to 16, we came here every Wednesday to run, swim, or play racquetball (with our own rules, of course) in the athletics center.  Many of my friends attend or teach here, now.  I love this place - it just feels like home.

      Also, I think part of the reason why I love November so much is because of all the textures that pop out!  The bark, the evergreen foliage, the bricks and wool and fallen leaves and sweaters.  I just want to drink a cup of tea and slowly enjoy this month and all its blessings.


  1. Fun!! Chrissy is SO grown up! You all are fixed in my brain at a certain age and I'm always so surprised when I see pictures. What are YOU up to?

    1. I know she is! And David's pushing 6'3"! I'm pretty much just up to school, work, family, church, and Christian Student Fellowship things. How about you? I'm so glad we get to keep up some through the internet!

    2. CollegePlus and home life. Chauffeuring brothers, teaching a friend to sew, doing some photography. I really want to host an English Country Dance sometime. It is to soon for plan one for Christmas, but maybe late winter or early spring. If it works out you should definitely come on up. :-)

  2. I have to say that we're big fans of your photography around here! I'm so glad you get to spend this time with your family. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! It's a bit of a long drive, but I hope it works out. :)