November 6, 2012

Round Like a Ball

     "...The world's round - I mean, round like a ball, not like a table."
     "Our world is," said Edmund. "But is this?"
     "Do you mean to say," asked Caspian, "that you three come from a round world (round like a ball) and you've never told me!  It's really too bad of you.  Because we have fairy-tales in which there are  round worlds and I always loved them.  I never believed there were any real ones.  But I've always wished there were and I've always longed to live in one.  Oh, I'd give anything - I wonder why you can get into our world and we never get into yours?  If only I had the chance!  It must be exciting to live on a thing like a ball....."

      C. S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

A new perspective makes life more interesting, don't you think?

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