March 24, 2013

On Holiday

English and American English are funny things.  In general, I prefer American English (color just looks better than colour), which makes sense, since I am an American.  I have to say, however, that I do prefer the british term "on holiday" to the american term "on break."  "I'm on my Spring Break" sounds so much less happy than "I'm on my Spring Holiday."

Not to complain, dear old American English, but we could switch these around without doing any harm.

That said, guess what's happening this week!  Or, not happening.  Whichever way you like.

Being on holiday, I'm blogging.  I'm also catching up on some sewing projects - pajama pants from an '80's sheet with a bright yellow print, and a grocery bag from an adorable '70's sheet.  When the sun comes out, I'll take pictures to post.  I'm also working on a bag with leather handles... no guarantees on how that turns out, though.

Have you looked at the sky lately?  It is so inconstant this time of year - now a dull gray, now bright blue.  I love March rains, the kind that come so quickly and softly that they sound like a wind is rustling through the leaves.  

"To live is a thing so startling it leaves little time for anything else."  
Emily Dickinson

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