February 23, 2010


Oh the joys of campaigning by telephone! While making phone calls for a family friend who's running for office, Beth, David and I had some unique experiences:
  • David was mistaken for a lady several times, much to his chagrin (silly voice!), but did a victory dance after learning that several of his first callers were willing to vote for Our Candidate.
  • Beth met many people who "aren't into politics," and others who have decided opinions and are happy to share when given the chance!
  • I called a state representative at his home (without knowing who he was). I'm glad he announced himself, and that he was in favor of Our Candidate. You just never know who you will call!
If you have the opportunity to help a candidate it your area, I whole-heartedly recommend that you do so! We've helped a friend of a friend with campaign calls before, and though he wasn't elected, it was satisfying to know that we'd done all we could to help.

You're almost always guaranteed a memorable experience!

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