February 24, 2010


Chrissy and Dixie have been laying in the living room for the past couple days - Chrissy because she's sick, and Dixie because of her back. They've both been abnormally quiet. I can't wait until they get better, though Dixie has been up and about more today - the pain meds are having their effect. Chrissy has an ear infection, a sinus infection, and bronchitis. We're so thankful for antibiotics!

In the mean time, David and I are at the college in town. I'm sitting on a window seat waiting for his guitar lessons to finish. A funny scene is happening in front of me:

There is a LARGE, hard-backed wall map that needs to be moved through double doors.

A man and woman are politely debating whether or not it will fit. He says he's pretty good at estimating, and it probably is too big. She measured it herself. They have four inches to spare. Thank you.

A man with a foreign accent is studying the waiting map and explaining how his wife came from Spain. He also seems to be interested in Alaska. And the Arctic.

Several bystanders are asking questions of the map-movers.

The man with the Spanish wife is having an exciting conversation (in what sound like Spanish) with a couple of friends and they agree with whatever it is that he's saying.

The map-movers are now unscrewing the double doors, to make room for the map. Will it fit?

It did!

Perhaps it's not really that funny, but it seems so to me!


  1. Very amusing! I normally have my nose stuck in a book and miss all that stuff. :-)
    two questions:
    What were you doing at the college, and what did you post on? :-)

  2. We were at the college for David's guitar lesson. Not at college level, just from a college student we know.

    As to what this post is about... that's a very good question! I think it started out as a post about waiting for Chrissy and Dixie to get better, but then as I was writing the map incident happened, so I wrote about what I saw as I was waiting for David's lesson to finish.

    Mixing people-watching with a post on a different subject is probably not a good idea (I don't like this post much). I'm trying to mend my ways. :)

  3. WHAT? Kara, I love this post! You infuse it with such good voice, plus a healthy dose of people-watching!