February 16, 2010

The Finished Quilt

At last! My scrap quilt is finished. I started out hand-quilting, but after three days I had very little to show for it. So my dear Mama wisely persuaded me to machine quilt. I'm so glad she did!

You can see a bit of the pieced binding.

Gideon even approved.


  1. Beeeea-u-tiful, Kara! I love it! It looks great on your bed, too.

  2. That is great! good job!

    I like you're calla lily too, may I assume you did it?

  3. Thanks you two! You're so encouraging. :)

    Yes, I did paint it, but I copied Georgia O'Keefe's White Lily.

  4. Ah yes. When I was in art class at our co-op I used to look through my teachers O'Keefe books. The good old days. I guess I really should just get out some paints and do something myself. Some artist I am! :-)

  5. You can see that the clementine crate ended up staying after all. My other basket was too small, and after leaving the crate there for a couple of "test" days, I decided I like the way it looks.

    Art teachers always seem to have so many art books, don' they? You really should! So many of her painting are beautiful.