February 17, 2010


The snow is melting now, which makes me so glad that we had an opportunity to sled yesterday. Rachel and her family had us over, and we laughed, marveled at how similar our younger brothers are, drank hot cocoa, played Balderdash and went sledding. Have you ever tried sledding on your back without a sled? If not, you should, because it's fun. So thank you, Rachel. :)

This morning we've been catching up on school from yesterday's snow day and cleaning in preparation of our parents' return. I'm so ready for life to return to normal. And it will in one hour!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! That was so fun! Good for Chrissy with her sledless sliding skills (and for us being brave enough to try it -- haha, took me a while). I posted about that, too, actually. Popular subject, I guess. Imagine. :)