February 18, 2010

Head in the Clouds Continued

Some photographs from the cutest pediatrician's office in the world. Sorry about the quality - Chrissy's camera is still awaiting parts, so you'll have to settle for what my point and shoot has to offer.

"Clouds" in the waiting room - my pet project.

A baby with his security blanket. Original with Lyndsay, re-created by me.

The three Wonderful boys, entirely by Lyndsay.

Dr. Wonderful herself. Everyone's project.

And just because I love complimentary colors.


  1. Your mom must be so proud of you for painting these, she's on Cloud Nine. :) How fun! Dr. Wonderful reminds me of the vet from the Clifford TV shows.

  2. You're so sweet. :)

    Dr. Wonderful does! That's so funny. :)

  3. haha Dr. Wonderful, wonderful boys. did you mention wonderful Lily on the way?