February 2, 2010

Melting Snow

The sounds and scents I encountered today really stood out to me. Here are some of the ones I remember.

On a walk:
The patter of a leaf skidding on the sidewalk.
The smell of melting snow.
The whir of cars.
The smell of pine.
The jingle of Dixie's collar.

At the cottage school:
The thunk of chalk pastels being tossed across the table.
Piano music after class, compliments of my art students.
Sounds of suspense as we (almost, but didn't, then finally did) pricked our fingers in anatomy class.
Interested voices as we found out our blood types (mine was O+).

Tonight, at home:
The smell of shortbread (or should I say baked butter?).
Chrissy plucking on the guitar.
The hum of the sewing machine.
David's laugh of victory after he trumped me (again) in Stratego.


  1. Fun post!

    And by the way, you'd better start giving away some blood, you universal donor, you! Just kidding. :)

  2. I know! I can now, because I reached the age and weight minimums - just waiting for a blood drive. :)

    I'm almost a universal donor. I just can't donate to anyone without the Rh factor. So, A+, B+ AB+ and O+ are all fair game! I was really hoping I'd be O. Maybe that's strange...

  3. Well, if you do donate, you are braver than I am! I want to give blood someday, but I'm afraid I would pass out.

    Oh, okay, cool! I didn't realize the positive sign. My dad is simply O, but I'm not that special. :)