February 3, 2010

Pecan Shortbread

I mentioned shortbread in my last post. Before last night, I'm not sure I'd ever had real shortbread. I like it (in small doses), but the rest of the family gave mixed reviews. Dad and Mama really enjoyed it, but my siblings all took one bite, and called it done, which means that Mama and I get to finish it off. Pity.

I used the recipe for Ginger Shortbread from Pleasantview Schoolhouse, but as no one in our family likes ginger very much (I promise, we're not really that picky), I skipped it and added a handful of chopped pecans instead.

Over all, it was very rich (like I said, baked butter), and almost toffee-like. I would post a picture, but Chrissy's camera is out of commission.

1 comment:

  1. What a sacrifice for your and your mom to have to -- *gasp!* -- eat the rest of it!