February 25, 2010


Heirloom tomatoes sound so sophisticated and prestigious. Their price tags certainly are high enough - usually almost double that of their hybrid counterparts. This year, however, I'm getting the seeds for free. Yesterday I came across Winter Sown, a seed saving group that sends out free hybrid and heirloom tomato seeds. All you have to do is send in a self-addressed, double-stamped envelope (SASE), and a list of the tomatoes you would like. They'll send you at least six seeds from each kind of tomatoes, which is just right for my smallish garden. The names were so intriguing, too - "Mountain Princess," "Silvery Fir Tree," and "Old German" for starters. Mmm.


  1. Oh, yay for Mountain Princess! Have you seen those "Mr. Stripey" tomatoes? I don't know if they're heirloom or not (probably not), but they look pretty amazing just the same. :)

  2. No, I haven't seen Mr. Stripey... sounds interesting! Have you had Mountain Princess before? What is it (she?) like?