March 4, 2010

Rooming, Part II

Continuing to bring my room back to health this morning, I organized my drawers and then, *gasp* tackled the closet. Chrissy and I are very blessed, in that even though we share a room, we each get our own closet. Sadly, I let mine get away from me pretty easily, and have to do a thorough cleaning of it every now and then.

Behold, the "Before" photo:

Yikes. Paintings, boxes, folders, marionettes and whatnot on the shelves. All of my clowning supplies on one side, and fabric, stuffing etc. on the top shelf. I only wear about half of the clothing that are hanging. There were five bags and backpacks in there which I never use. I kid you not.

Two hours, one garbage bag full of junk, and many items to the thrift-store pile later...

The "After" photo:

Yes, that's a door behind the clothes. It goes to the attic.

I washed down the shelves, fixed the shoe rack, thinned my clothing, and organized the fabric scraps. Each shelf now has a specific purpose, and all of my Etsy items are in the bins on the right (the clowning items went to the basement).

We had Spring weather here today, so I left the window open the whole time, which made the job very pleasant. I usually like to clean, but even more so if there is a breeze coming in.


  1. Kara, you make me sick (grin).

    Please come clean my room for me! ;)

  2. Ah yes. Spring Cleaning. Good job, I ought to do mine again.

  3. Rachel - name a date. I like to clean other people's houses better than ours. It think it's that way for everyone, though. :)

    Joanna - I can't wait to see your Molly Gibson frock! I love that movie, and her dress is so pretty. :)

  4. Kara - can you come tomorrow? :)

  5. Well, I can't come today, but I could on Monday. I'll call you this afternoon.