March 3, 2010

Rooming, Part I

Well, after a month of intermittent sickness at our house (which has not ended yet), my bedroom has been looking a bit unloved. Humidifier and rags on the dresser. Clutter all over my desk. My closet is a disaster, and my drawers are messy. Time to clean!

Yesterday, I tidied my dresser and desk, removing all unwanted items and papers (i.e. everything I don't need or like). Then I removed all the extra books from my bookshelf (there were about, oh, three of them)/ I chucked most of a stack of notebooks which were residing next to my bed, and all but two garden catalogs.

More tomorrow. Onward and upward!


  1. Rachel, it was/is worse than you have ever seen it. Trust me.

  2. !!! Too funny. :) Actually, your room the way you are describing it now sounds like the way my room looks right now, and I haven't even been sick!

    Oh, and I love how you say "all but two garden catalogs." ;)

  3. Hey Kara,
    Has your Blogger turned off spell-check? Mine has, and it's driving me crazy! (You don't have misspellings or anything; I was just wondering if it is like this for other people or just me! I am using the Beta.)

  4. I know, I'm an addict to gardening/outdoorsy books...

    Well, Blogger did treat all of my words as if they were hyper linked. I had to edit the HTML to fix it. Can you click on the spell-check button still? I can, but it's not checking them on it's own.
    Oh, and what's the Beta?

  5. Hmm, well, my spell-check is still weird. It only shows up if I go to edit my post for the SECOND time. :(

    Whoops, I meant Blogger In-Draft, the "new" Blogger.