March 2, 2010


Despite living in North Dakota for almost ten years, I have never been skiing before. Chrissy, David and I went with some home schooling families from our church on a ski/snowboarding trip yesterday. First time skiers + one hour of "experimental skiing" before lessons = three very sore people the next day. But it was still fun!

David, friend George, and George's dad.

Myself with Christina (she is exactly one year younger than Chrissy!). Sorry about the fuzzy picture. We'll pretend it's supposed to be that way.

Chrissy coming out of the ski lift.

Call me crazy, but I have always wanted to go on a ski lift, even more than I've wanted to ski. It was so fun!

As to skiing, I was expecting to swiftly glide down the slopes, in complete control of the situation, but after about thirty seconds on the snow, I decided to abandon this misconception (or rather, it abandoned me). Pride comes before a fall. Ouch.


  1. I haven't ever been downhill skiing before...but I would like to try. It sounds exhilarating and exhausting. :-)

  2. It was both! I think you would like it. :)

  3. How fun! I'm so glad you got to go! :)

  4. In the picture with David, that is Gavin and his dad right? If not, they have twins.

  5. Ahh, I get it, Gavin's name must be George :)