April 6, 2010


Have you ever heard of these?  If not, please let me explain.

A galette is basically a mixture of meat, vegetables, or fruit encased in a circle of pastry.   The pastry, which can either be a yeast dough or a pie crust, is pulled up and around the stuffing and pleated, pinched, or otherwise cajoled into an upper-crust of sorts.   We've made galettes twice now, once filled with ground turkey and a bunch of other veggies, and tonight with an Indian tikka masala filling.  It was delicious both ways.  

I made two, so we can have some for lunch tomorrow!

Picture from Honeyflake.  She used a yeast dough.  We used pie crust.  Speaking of which, I'd like to make an apple pie galette.  Or a juneberry galette!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Kara. You are just too good for words! I am looking at this -- you used Indian tikka masala filling -- WHAT?! I have no idea what that is. My cooking skills are stretched by casseroles.


  2. Haha, like I said today, the sauce was from a jar. :) It's really good.

    Our's didn't look anything near as good as this, though.