April 29, 2010

Shop Update

A couple new things are up on my Etsy shop!  The blue ball (Rachel, Chrissy and I named him George) and a honeycomb patterned milk glass piece.  I almost kept it, but my desk was too full.

1 comment:

  1. GEORGE! I tried to "heart" you, but unfortunately, I was unable to since I am not an Etsy-er. Rest assured, though, that this does not adversely relect upon my affection for your charming, squishy quiltedness in any way. May you find a loving home in a happy child's heart, far away from the smelly seafoam of Minerva.

    [The above comment will make no sense whatsoever if your name is not Kara or Chrissy. And if your name is Kara or Chrissy and the above comment STILL does not make sense, it is because it is 10:38 at night and I am rambling. I give you permission to delete.]