April 12, 2010

What I've Been Doing Lately

Painting. And studying for placement tests. Funny story, that. I studied for months for the math test, but I didn't even know about the reading one until yesterday. When the time came to take the tests, the reading one took about one monotonous hour, but the math test was only about six quick questions long! Aargk!


Listening to guitar.

Marveling at how BIG David's feet are. What's with this? The kid is five years younger than me! His shoes are like canoes!

Missing our kitty! He had to stay a few nights at the vet's (I promise it wasn't because I sat on him). Poor Giddy. He's back now, though, and doing well.


  1. Oh! That is too crazy about the placement tests. You poor kid. I know you did a great job on them, though. :)

    I love the painting and the sewing project -- is that seriously a ball?

  2. Actually, I just found out I did badly on the math test. Oh well. :( They don't tell you how you did on the reading.

    Yes! It's a ball! It was actually *really* easy - the hardest part was stuffing it. I want to post a tutorial for it here, because I couldn't find anything like that online. Don't be sickened, please. I'm really strange, but you already knew that. ;)

  3. Oh fun! Acrylic? or Oil? I was just given a tulip by my Biology teacher to dissect, but I did a watercolor first. :-) I think I'm doing it wrong though, I think I'm treating it like acrylic. Anyway, cool ball! The ones I've done only have 14 hexagons total, I would like to see how you did yours!

  4. It's oil. I like oils, but I need to do them more often.
    Oh, you'll have to post of picture of it on your blog or facebook! That's my biggest problem with watercolors too. It's so hard to treat them the right way. My art teacher showed me colored ink last time we met with her, and it's a lot like watercolors, only brighter. It's pretty reasonably priced, too.

    That sounds neat - was it large? Small? This one had 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, and is about 11 inches across. Where did you find your pattern?