April 13, 2010

What a Day!

  • Out-of-town guests, and preparing for them.
  • Running with David .
  • Teaching art to twelve kids who have severe cases of spring fever.
  • Forgetting my anatomy books. Whoops! There were only two students in class today, and neither of us brought our books. Thankfully, mom ran mine over, so we weren't both sharing the teacher's copy!
  • Going to a registration session for college, which in and of itself was enjoyable, and not at all stressful, but
  • Meeting with the adviser sure was! She has very different plans for my life in college than I do. She was helpful though. I just didn't agree with her on what my goals should be, and I really think I'll enjoy taking both Plant Biology and College Algebra. Anyway. I'll be quiet now.
  • Walking an excited, tugging Dixie past a rabbit, two dogs, and eight people. She want to greet each of them.
  • Emailing a friend who lives in Asia - that was relaxing, though.
  • Blogging to you - this is relaxing, too!
All in all, it was a stressful, productive day. I can't decide if liked it or not. I think I'll vote present.

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