May 5, 2010


My art students are so sweet. I teach three classes, one with 6-8 year olds, another with 8-11 year olds and another with 11-13 year olds. The first class has some crowd control issues (I've mentioned these) and needs a lot of direction, so I'm a tad stretched during that hour. The second class is perfectly behaved and cheerful, but still needs a good amount of direction, so I can only put up with (and contribute) so much silliness.

The poor third class.

They deal with crazy Kara. Just ask them. I'm pretty sure they think I'm a nut! But it's more fun that way, and they still work on art. They work on it so hard! That's what they did on Friday, and here is proof:

Sadly, it won't post the right way. The green clematis is supposed to be in the upper left corner. But no matter! They have quite varying skill levels, but they had so much fun working on this project together. This picture does not do it justice. There were some troubles with the oil pastels, but overall it went well.

And there was plenty of goofiness.

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