May 13, 2010

In The Garden

 Lettuce is growing.

Tomatoes are planted.  There are extras - anybody want some?

Strawberries are ripening. 


  1. Hi Kara!! So fun to see how you've grown. Love your blog. I'm coming over here from Jo's blog. First, Congratulations on your completion of your high school and your new job. Jamie just graduated yesterday. Does your Mom still blog at all? I'd love to catch up with her on the phone. Love you to and your family.

  2. Thanks Mrs. W (I don't know if you're disclosing your last name or not...)! Wow - congrats to Jamie! No, Mama doesn't blog much anymore, but she does email, and if you send her a message on face book, it will go to her email. Thanks again for stopping by my blog - it's so fun how our families have re-connected over the internet!