May 10, 2010

A Semi-Hiatus

I just started my new job (!), and it feels like I've gone from walking down the street to driving a race car at full speed.  In addition to work, I'm trying to tackle two art shows, graduation plans and invitations, the garden, and the last several weeks of school and art classes.  Soooo, all that to say that you may not see much of me over the next couple of weeks.  I'd like to post, really I would, but I'm cutting things out temporarily, and the blog is one of those things that can do with less attention.  I want to post every few days, but no guarantees.

Once next week is over, I'll try to get  back to a regular schedule.  Okidokie?

By the way, spell check's first suggestion for okidokie is Okinawan.   I just knew you wanted to know that. Right?


  1. Go Kara! Good luck with all this end-of-the-year craziness (double crazy for you!) -- you can do it. I believe in you. :)

    Okinawan. Thank you for sharing; you just made my day ten-thousand times better. No joke. ;)

  2. Hello! I've given you the "Beautiful Blogger award". Visit my blog for details. Keep up the good work!