May 25, 2010

It's in the Shop

Well, I just couldn't wear it.  I'm sure someone will love it, but that someone is not me.  I would like to make it in a different fabric, and now that I know what changes I'd like to make to the pattern,  it should go together fairly quickly.  That was the main reason I made this dress, after all.  So, it's in the shop.  Good bye, dress (and darling buttons).


  1. But "it's perfect for summer"! You said so yourself! :)

  2. I know... and the dress style is. I just don't like the fabric.

    I'm fickle about fabric. ;)

  3. But the print is a "lovely lavender" or something like that.... check your description! :)

    Haha. I'm just giving you a hard way to go, can you tell?

  4. According to my Etsy post... hah! It's just "lavender." Not lovely. I'm vindicated.

    Yes, I know you are giving me grief. I'll dish it out to you sometime, too, so no worries. :)