May 22, 2010

The Wise Sewing Encyclopedia

The Wise Encyclopedia says aprons are a necessity in the kitchen.   Hmm.   I'm afraid I missed that memo.   I'm glad I know now!  Will my pans be that happy when I wear one too?

You like nightgowns for little kids?  They're here, and they're adorable!

I know you've been dying to learn how to sew this peplum!  You haven't?  Oh.  How odd.

I haven't either.

Curtains of all sorts.  Tall, short, starched, lacy, stapled to a board, fringed or plain.  You name it, they'll tell you how to make it, why it's useful, and where to hang it.  In fact, they'll just gush over the curtains (and everything else), if you'll listen.

They did things differently in the 1950's, that's for sure.  But then, different isn't always bad.  I think that, minus the peplums, ascots and gushing, I like different!

1 comment:

  1. Dear me, Kara, I'm sure your pans have all been wearing frowny faces because of your apron ignorance this whole time. ;)