July 10, 2010

Geraniums and a Winner

I'm still enjoying our trip to our grandparent's house.  I think I will be for a long time, so be prepared to see many for photos.  These geraniums were on their back porch, where we spent  most of the time.   It was shady, breezy, and smelled like flowers and the sea. 

Now, on to the giveaway news...

Rachel!  According to Random Number Generator, you won with comment number 4 (I did not include mine)! So I'll bring your goodies to you sometime soon!

Everyone else who participated (that would be two people), thank you SO much!  I'd like to have another giveaway in the future, perhaps a larger, more on schedule sort of giveaway.


  1. Oh, Congrats Rachel!

    SO sorry! I promised to post about it didn't I? I'll think of a way to make up for it!

    I'm honored that you thought I looked like Molly! I always thought she was the prettiest in the entire movie. Great movie by the way...


    I actually haven't started the dress. I was just researching it, so it will be a breeze in the future! Maybe this fall? I also need to save up to buy patterns/fabric etc. Anyway, planning it is half the fun!


  2. Oh, wow. That was unexpected. Thank you, Kara. But I feel so... unworthy as Comment #4. Hold on -- I'm E-mailing you.

  3. Joanna - You do look like Molly! And I think she's the prettiest one, too. :) Oh, yes, I wish fabric and patterns weren't so expensive. I've been sewing from thrifted sheets and table clothes lately...

    Rachel - Congrats! I gave the Random Number Generator the choices of 1 through 4(thereby voiding my comment) and it chose # 4. Which was you. :)