July 9, 2010

Sky, Water and Sun

Independence Day weekend was filled with many things.

Patriotism and many dogs, young and old.

Golden sunlight soaking everything.

Viking themed fireworks displays. The Ride of the Valkyries.

Docks and brackish water.

Seafood.  On an island.

Bird watching.

Old wood.

White boats.

The heavens declaring the glory of God.

P.S. Tomorrow the winner of the giveaway will be announced!  Enter before 9:30 A.M. centeral time tomorrow if you haven't yet!


  1. Oh my goodness, this reminds me so much of JACOB HAVE I LOVED! There is that one passage where Weeze is describing the "brackish water of the Bay" and all that, do you remember?I LOVED that book.

    I actually shied away from it for many years Is that what you were referencing? because it had "love" and a boy's name in the title, thinking it would be some gushy romance-y novel. And then it turned out the title simply came from that one Bible verse -- "but Esau I have hated." ;)

  2. Oh, I haven't read all of the book. I think I stopped about a quarter of the way into it. It seemed so depressing. But now that I look at the summary, it doesn't seem that bad.

    I think I might like that book now, but I'm not sure. Every time we go to my grandparents, I like the water more and more. Minus the jelly fish.

  3. Oh, you should try it again! I LOVED that book! And my mom and I watched the movie a few years after I read it, and for once, a movie was *almost* as good as its book. It IS sad, though, so I can understand why you would have put it down. I can't stand sad books.

    I had to read a Stalin biography/Soviet history this school year, and it was so terribly depressing that even though I started reading in probably November, I wasn't even finished with it by the end of the school year. I just had to go THAT slow, because it was so utterly heart-breaking, and I would literally end up either crying or having nightmares. I started looking at it again today, and I have two (long) chapters left, so MAYBE I will get it done this summer.