July 30, 2010

School and Scissors

Today was a day of crossing off lists!  I had my transcript from one school sent to another, bought school supplies, ran other errands, and cut my hair.  Speaking of school supplies, I have a backpack for college, and today I loaded it up with some of my books and tried it on.  You know, to see how badly I'll hurt after a day with it on my back.  I told Chrissy "I feel like I'm going to first grade!"  Then she said "Kara, you've never been to first grade."  Oh, yeah.  I don't think I missed out on much.  That backpack was heavy!

I mentioned that I cut my hair.  Just a bit.  If you don't mind watching a youtube video, watch this one.  The point at which Mr. Bean first gets the scissors pretty well sums up how I felt (it's the two minute, twenty second mark).

 But I really do still have hair!

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  1. Oh dear... I just watched the 2:20 mark... :P Hope you had fun! :)