July 29, 2010

What a Bad Blogger...

I wish I could post more often.  Really I do.  But somehow, life catches up with me.  So I don't post.

But I'm posting now.

Here are some recent events:
Kate and her mom visited from North Dakota!  We had fun (and didn't get enough sleep).  Cheese cake.  A museum.  Chocolate chip cookies (Kate likes to bake).  Laughing.  Chrissy had the idea of us dressing up in vintage outfits and taking pictures.  So we did it!  All I can say is this - that I'm glad I don't wear red lipstick on a regular basis.  It's sticky, and it stains.

Or that hair style!  Chrissy is such a ham!  She could pull off any style.  And Beth doesn't look that scary in real life.  She's beautiful in real life. 

We went to the ice cream place dressed like this.  Yes, we got some strange looks, but most people just ignored us.  I guess they're used to strange kids. Ah, well.  C'est la vie.

Oh yes, and the previously unloved purple dress found a home.
I bought books for college.  Just how many editions of Introductory Botany are there? 

We're getting tomatoes from the garden - they have so much more flavor than their store bought counterparts.

Chrissy has a killer Russian accent.  Darlink. 

I don't seem to be able to write paragraphs.  This is good, three weeks before college starts.  Yeah...

I've been thinking about our culture's lack of commitment, and my own.  And ways to change.  Can you say "self discipline and prayer"? 

Cranford and Art for God's Sake can be crossed off the reading list.


  1. Hilarious! I saw the other pictures on facebook. :-)

    How was Cranford?

  2. Cranford was great! It's different from the movie, but I really enjoyed it. The people were so honestly portrayed, and I like that. The heroine isn't some jazzy person whom everyone adores, she's just a simple, thoughtful person who's kind and loyal.

    At the back of the book, there were appendices that went into detail about fashion in Cranford, the average day of the mistress of the house and of the general maid, as well as a glossery, which was helpful - I had no clue what some of the terms meant.

    I think you'd like it. :)