August 5, 2010

Orchids (Again)

Near Dr. Wonderful's office there's a jewelry store.  The owners are very unique people, and I like them.  They scuba dive all over the world, have a decidedly German last name, enjoy underwater photography and make beautiful jewelry based on the things they see (like anemones).  Their store's atmosphere is mainly based on fountains and orchids, and the tropical music always playing in the background.

The other day, I was picking up a package for the office that had been dropped off there, and mentioned how their orchids always look beautiful.  Mr. Jeweler casually mentioned that they propigate their own, so they can bring in the ones that are in bloom at the moment.

Yes, they propagate their. own. orchids.

I don't know about you, but when I think of orchid propagation, I think of greenhouses in the 1930's, lined with rows upon rows of benches of delicate plants that won't survive even slight changes in humidity, and can only be obtained at the highest costs.  Not a very accurate view, but it's what I think of.  Perhaps you don't think of orchid propagation often.  Ever.  You lead a normal life.  But bear with me here.

When I recovered from my initial incomprehension ("you what?") I got to step over the bamboo fencing into the much-revered garden area and smell the Oncidium Sharry Baby.  It smelled like chocolate.  And they propigate orchids.

Of course it did.  Of course they do.

Life is full of interesting, unpredictably-predictable people isn't it?

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