August 8, 2010

Molly Gibson's Apron

Earlier this summer, we watched Wives and Daughters again, and I fell in love with Molly Gibson's simple brown apron.  I couldn't find a pattern, but it was easy enough to make - it's a very simple design.  I decided to make it for Kate, who loves to cook and bake, and also likes that era.

Here's the original, though it's darker in this picture than it looks in the actual movie.

Kate wearing it.  I wanted a more modern look that the original, so I skipped the pleats where the "skirt" joins the waistband.  I think I like it better this way.

And the back (a bit askew).  Kate chose the grey fabric for the pocket trim and button.  It looks nice with the linen.

The waistband was the most tricky part - if I make another I'll use way more pins as I'm sewing.

I'm so glad Kate likes it!  Chrissy was a very patient model.  She was wearing a hoodie that evening and whenever she'd put it on I'd need her to take it off again to try on the apron - it must have happened at least three times!


  1. Great job! It looks really nice.

  2. Did anyone ever tell you that you are AMAZING?