September 8, 2010


Yesterday, we drove downtown to a farmer's market to pick up Beth's first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. Because Beth moved on campus this year, she and her roommate Sarah decided to subscribe to one of these. Basically, once a week for ten weeks, Beth will go to the farmer's market with a special cardboard box, and return with the box loaded with vegetables from the farm she supports. The idea behind this is that the farmers and the consumers will get to know each other, the farmer will have an source of income which is not subsidized by the government, and the consumer will have access to good quality, local, non-chemically treated food (organic in all but expensively certified name). Beth and Sarah can even drive to the farm and help with planting if they want to!

The two owners of the farm are so sweet! While the wife was talking to us, the husband was putting an additional squash, a pumpkin and tomatoes in Beth's box because "She's a growing girl and needs lots of good food." They really love what they do, and Beth and Sarah will love the food. Their share looks a bit expensive at face value, but the quality and sheer quantity of produce they get, as well as knowing who grew it, where, and what went into the food they eat is well worth it.

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