September 10, 2010

Thoughts on College

I started college the last half of August, and so far I really like it.   I'm taking Math, Honors English, Philosophy and Plant Biology.

Math is good for me - I'm not really into numbers, but I like it. It's been hard to follow the teacher, because she has so much material to go through in a short amount of time.   English is fun, because we do it around a large table and actually discuss things and get to know each other.  Philosophy is frustrating, because unless you go at it from a Biblical point of view (which the professor is not), it doesn't make sense, and you're left without any definite conclusions about anything.  Plant Biology is very fun, and we've done fun, dangerous things like boiling ethanol to remove chlorophyll from leaves.

It's difficult in that there are so many unsaved people there.  The campus is really open to hearing about the Gospel though.  Plus there are so many people-watching opportunities.  I think it's funny just how stereotypical people are sometimes, and I'm sure I am too, which makes it even funnier.  I'm really growing in how I relate to people, especially people with whom I disagree strongly (there are plenty of those).  It's been interesting to see the reactions of people when they find out I was home educated - most have never met a homeschooler before, but they have all expressed great interest in it.  I'm so, so glad my mom took the time to teach and raise us.

I'm hoping to post more pictures soon, as time allows.  Well, I need to go do math, math and more math!    Did I mention that I have lots of math homework?  Yes?  Well it's true.  

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