December 22, 2010

'Tis the Tenth Day of Christmas

"And when they came to the place that is called The Skull, there they crucified him [Jesus], and the criminals, one on his right and one on his left." Luke 23:33

Seeing how close we are to Christmas, it's time to wrap presents!  Here are ten (count 'em - ten) ways to wrap your gifts:

Brown paper packages, tied up with string - either use brown craft paper (it actually comes in roles!), cut up a paper bag, or scavenge the paper used as a filler in packages.  Then, tie with ribbon, raffia, twine, or a strip of fabric.  You can use stamps to dress it up.

The funny papers - pretty self explanatory.  Just use the comics to wrap your present, and tie with a bright ribbon.

The rest of the newspaper - after all, words are popular these days.  Tie with ribbon, then put an over-the-top newspaper bow on top.

A map - top with a coordinating, solid color bow.

Fabric - This is especially nice for a person who likes to sew. Double up the fabric to maximize secrecy (and give them more to sew with).  Secure your wrapping with pins instead of tape, and please, stay away from the ugly fabrics.  You could top it with a cute little felt bow.

Disco - a little unusual. Well, very unusual.  I have never heard of this before, nor seen it done.  To be candid, I'm making this one up.  If you try it, tell me how it goes, and send a picture.  I may have a prize for you! Wrap the present in silver paper, then glue tiny, square mirrors (available at most craft stores) about 3/4 of an inch apart all over it.  A disco cube!  Groovy...

A silk scarf - place the present in the center of the scarf, then tie the four corners at the top to make a pseudo bow.  Go here for directions.

Layered tissue - wrap the present in layers of tissue paper.  Start off with a bright color, then use white tissue as the last layer.  Gently tie with strips of tissue paper.

For the accountant - print off tax forms on yellow, pink, or white paper, scribble in some numbers here and there, then wrap the gift (using lots of tape).  Top with a tax form bow.  Beth's roommate did this for her (they're both accounting majors), and it gave us all a good laugh.

The classic way - solid color or lightly striped paper, color coordinating ribbon, with a bow on top, done neatly.

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