January 3, 2011

Bird Song

Spring's Arrival
A German Folk Poem

All the birds have come again,
Hear the happy chorus!
Robin, bluebird, on the wing,
Thrush and wren this message bring.
   Spring will soon come marching in,
   Come with joyous singing.


     I admit it, Spring is pretty far off at this point, and the birds have not all come again.  Be that as it may, I am currently listening to a guide to bird songs, so when they do come, I will be ready.  I am not an auditory learner, so the listening (and repeat, repeat, repeat) is slow going, but very enjoyable.  It's also applicable - I heard a downy woodpecker the other day, and was actually able to tell what it was!  Knowledge of bird songs is like knowledge of French;  without it, the sounds just run together and sound pretty, without having any meaning.  Once you learn about it, the sounds separate and their individual purpose (or producer) become plain.  So cool!

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