February 8, 2011

A Baby Quilt for Sam

     Sam is a baby who has had a difficult life.  He's been through many medical troubles, but his smile is enough to melt any heart!  I had the privilege of making a quilt out of some of Sam's baby clothes this Fall.  Let me tell you, his loving, wonderful mother picked out some adorable onesies to go on her adorable son!  Dogs, stripes, huggable monsters, giraffes, frogs, ducks - all things cute and boyish.

     I used the Double Hourglass method from Cluck. Cluck. Sew. It went together very easily - the only difficulty was the stretchy-ness of the material, because the clothes were all knits.  I used a basting spray to fix the fabric to muslin, and then cut the double-layered material into pieces.  This made the quilt heavier and slower to sew, but definitely helped with the stretching!


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt, Kara. I am impressed!
    We were so glad you could attend the ECD, and I am so glad to begin to get to know your family. I am sorry I was not able to visit more; now I know why. I was coming down with a chest and head cold, but thanks be to God! It will be over soon :)
    Lovely blog you have! I'm looking forward to reading some of your posts soon.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment! The ECD was so fun! Thank you so much for inviting us. I saw on facebook that Rebecca has strep - I hope that's not what you got, too. Are you feeling better now?