June 28, 2012


     Ice cream with friends after church on Wednesday evening, temps in the 100's the rest of the week, grilled chicken and watermelon tonight.  Summer is indeed here, and there are good deal of things to do.

  • Summer school -  So far, so good.  I think I'm in the fun part of college now, when the classes start to all build off of and relate to each other.  BONUS: I thought classes started Tuesday.  Nope, Monday.  Too bad I realized that Monday night!
  • Canning - Rhubarb and black tea jam, and strawberry-rhubarb jam are both done.  I'd love to learn to make tomato sauce!  
  • Reupholstery - Beth and I are going to try our hands at reupholstering two chairs that have lived quiet lives in the basement up until now.
  • Reading -  I finished last summer's reading list about a month ago (I know, I know...), and am ready to start another.  I've started How The Gospel Brings Us All The Way Home by Derek Thomas, and highly recommend it so far.  It's not too long, either, so you could bring it with you for vacation reading. 
  • Music - One of my closest friends, her husband and their three sweet kiddos are going to a folk/bluegrass music festival, and I get to join them!  I hear that the lemonade is a reason to go in and of itself.
What are you up to this summer?  

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